George Dent Nursery


Sticky Nature Wall

You will need:

  • Sticky back plastic
  • Tape
  • Leaves, flowers, grass, twigs


  • Go on a walk in the local area to collect leaves, flowers, grass and twigs. You could also look for things in your garden.


  • Carefully peel the paper off the sticky back plastic and lay on flat surface sticky side up.


  • Using the tape, fasten the sticky back plastic to a wall/fence/table (please be mindful where you position this so as not to damage any paintwork) Make sure the sticky side is face up.


  • Encourage your child to position their materials on the sticky back plastic.

If you would like to keep your child’s artwork, you could stick a large sheet of paper on top of the sticky back plastic so that it covers the entire picture. Remove the picture from the wall/fence/table, remove the tape and then turn it over so that you can see the picture. You could even ask your child to create a frame for their artwork using twigs.