George Dent Nursery


Travelling to our Nursery

Keeping our children safe is identified as one of the key elements of practice required within the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Whilst at nursery, children are offered a wide range of opportunities and experiences that support their development so that they learn to respond in ways that will ensure that they grow up safely; becoming healthy and confident adults, who recognise and respect the effects that their actions have upon themselves and the world in which they live.

Our aim as staff and governors is to work in partnership with parents and carers to ensure that our young learners are kept safe from harm at all times:

  • That the journey should be as safe as possible.
  • That each child’s journey to and from school should be as healthy as possible.
  • That when choosing how we travel we consider the effects our choices have on those around us and in the wider community.

Please read the information below so that we can work in partnership to achieve these aims!

Travelling By Car

The school is on Elms Road, a quiet residential cul-de-sac. During pick up / drop off times this road is full of cars arriving, leaving and turning in the road.  The only way into Elms Road is along Woodlands Road, a very busy main road that is one of the primary routes into and out of Darlington.  Due to these reasons, choosing to use a car to travel to the school presents its own problems. Parking in Elms Road is severely restricted.

In Elms Road there is the necessary ‘School keep clear’ area, a blue badge parking space, resident permit parking areas, time limited parking areas and double yellow lines at the junction with Woodland Road.  All nearby streets have time limited parking and permit parking areas.

Please know that traffic wardens do regularly patrol Elms Road and do issue tickets to anyone who is parked inappropriately, especially anyone who has parked on the yellow zig zag lines immediately outside the school building. Please keep these clear at all times in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

We understand that, sometimes, using a car is unavoidable but please bear all of this information in mind, and remain as patient as possible until a space becomes free.

Travelling By Bus

The school is less than 200 metres from bus stops serving passengers coming from the east, north east and the town centre.

Cycling Access

Children may cycle to school if you so wish. There is storage space for bikes in a cycle pod located to the right of the main front door.