George Dent Nursery


Loose Parts

 Children will tinker for hours with obscure objects; a tin of mixed buttons, empty jars and their lids, a pile of pebbles. What each of these items has in common is a lack of restriction. With no prescribed method of play, children can explore, create and imagine. This special and exciting type of play is called ‘loose parts play.’  Loose parts enable children to undertake their own learning using everyday objects rather than ‘toys’. 

What makes this play so valuable is that it is impossible to use a loose part in the ‘wrong’ way. There is no sense of failure for children and as result they can gain a huge sense of personal achievement for reaching the goals of their play through discovery and experimentation.
'Everyone has the ability to be creative' (Simon Nicholson).
So enjoy collecting and creating together and we look forward to seeing your wonderful creations.