George Dent Nursery


Ice Bowls


You will need:

  • 2 round bowls (one approximately 2cm smaller in diameter than the other)
  • Jug/pitcher of water
  • Selection of fresh flowers and leaves
  • A weight, such as a stone or can
  • A tealight


Make the first layer Pour water into a bowl to a depth of 2.5cm/1in. Place it in the freezer until it has frozen solid – this usually takes one or two hours.


Add flowers Once the first layer has frozen, place the smaller bowl inside the larger bowl. Take some clean flowers and leaves and position them in the gap between the two bowls.


Make the second layer Once the whole area between the two bowls has been filled with flowers, carefully pour water into the gap until it reaches the edge of the bowls, poking down any flowers that stick out of the top.


Finishing You may find the bowl will start to float, so weigh it down with a stone or can and then place it in the freezer for a few hours.


Take it out about 15 minutes before you need it. This will cause it to melt slightly, making it easier to remove the inner and outer bowls.


You could try filling your bowl with treats or ice cream. You could even try adding a tea light to turn the bowl into an ice lantern