George Dent Nursery


Federation of Darlington Nursery Schools

The governing bodies of Borough Road Nursery School and George Dent Nursery School have federated on 1st November 2017. With effect from that date the responsibility for the leadership of the schools passed to the new governing body.

Federation is a very effective group structure, providing maintained schools with the opportunity to form a group - without incurring legal costs - in order to improve the education of pupils. This enables governors and school leaders to focus on forming relationships between schools first, and then joint leadership, governance and business management.

The National Governor Association identifies nine positive reasons for federations:

  1. Better, broader offer for pupils – both curricular & extra-curricular
  2. More opportunity to employ specialist staff
  3. More Continuing Professional Development for staff
  4. Better recruitment, succession planning & retention of staff
  5. Same systems of assessment, data and finances
  6. Learning from each other
  7. More capacity for  innovation
  8. Efficiencies – joint services
  9. Stronger governance

These benefits will result in improved outcomes for pupils.

Each school is still independent in terms of its accountability to the parents, to the LA, to Ofsted and the DFE.

At each school you will find a list of the Governors specifically attached to the school and their immediate responsibilities. If you wish to contact any governors please leave a message with the school office and they arrange for this to happen.