George Dent Nursery


Every child is unique. Every moment is precious. Every day is different.

The Nurseries will provide children with the best possible start to their education career. This will be in a setting that stimulates and captivates them, physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. Children will be given every opportunity to explore indoors or outdoors, whether individually, in a group or all together, alone, with other children or with adults the choice is the child’s.

 The children will be captivated with the experiences and when the time comes to leave our Nurseries, they will be ready for their next adventure as they embark upon formal schooling.

 Parents will be encouraged to be an integral part of this process, through accessing the wealth of resources, knowledge and expertise of the staff and by meeting and talking with staff about their child and the progress made.

The Nurseries will look beyond the front door, to offer to help others, to engage in partnerships with other settings. Visitors and guests will be welcomed to share the truly special culture. Governors will ensure that the Nurseries are well managed and always look forward for the next opportunity for all children, now and in the future.

Councillor Stephen Harker

Chair of Governors