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Developing Skills and Speech and Language

Fine Motor Learning

In this video Alison demonstrates how to create a box of fun activities which will help to develop your child's fine motor skills and coordination. The video is for parents and carers, but there is a rhyme at the end that your child might enjoy joining in with!

Small Talk

This website provides really useful activity ideas for supporting young children’s language at home.

Independent Skills

With time on our hands it is easy to worry about what we are not doing, therefore it has been refreshing to read on social media all the reassuring comments posted by others

. It is 'time' to stop putting pressure upon ourselves to get things done and make the most of the 'time' we have been given. Our children are learning all of the time - through the interactions they have with each other, with adults and their environments.

So take some time to appreciate the simple things in life and learn independent skills that will last a life time such as: getting dressed and undressed; learning how to use the toilet; putting on socks and shoes and taking them off; helping to sort the washing. 

Gross Motor Activities

under 5 gross motor skills amended for parents.pdf

Speech and Language Ideas