George Dent Nursery


Darlington's Parent Carer Forum

We are very excited to be working with Darlington’s Parent Carer Forum (DPCF) to offer a range of sessions throughout the year. These will take place on a monthly basis.

The workshops will be led by staff from the Parent Carer Forum, and they will be supported by different professionals depending on the topic of each session. Although each session will have a specific focus, the DPCF will be on hand to support with any questions, queries or worries you have.

These sessions are aimed at parents whose child have a Special Educational Need and parents who are concerned their child may have SEN. 

Sessions will be held from 9:15am until 10:15am in school. 

George Dent - Sessions

20/09/2022 – Introductory session 

31/10/2022 – Neuropathway 

28/11/2022 – Transition 

09/01/2023 – Sleep  

06/02/2023 – Understanding ASD 

13/03/2023 – Food and diet 

17/04/2023 – Social stories and visual timetables 

22/05/2023 – Behaviour support  

26/06/2023 – Sensory behaviours 


Borough Road - Sessions

10/10/2022 – Introductory session 

14/11/2022 – Neuropathway 

12/12/2022 – Transition 

23/01/2023 – Sleep  

27/02/2023 – Understanding ASD 

27/03/2023 – Food and diet 

08/05/2023 – Social stories and visual timetables 

12/06/2023 – Behaviour support  

10/07/2023 – Sensory behaviours 

 We look forward to seeing you!

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