George Dent Nursery


School Development Priorities

Since 2017 Borough Road Nursery School has experienced a significant change in leadership with a newly formed governing body, a new leadership structure and the appointment of an Executive Head Teacher for the Federation in September 2018. A new vision for the federation which is based on explicit values has been developed and cross Federation leadership established so that expertise and support for staff is being shared across the Federation.

Effective leadership and management across the Federation is playing a major role in helping all adults to work well together, to develop their skills in teaching and learning, and support children's learning. Teaching is consistently improving as a result. 

We believe that our curriculum ‘Responding to Process’ will enable our pupils to become competent, confident learners and communicators and that our approach to teaching and learning will provide children with the essential knowledge and skills that will help them to cope with uncertainty and make the most of opportunities as and when they are presented.  

As part of our ongoing school development we have identified the following key priorities for 2019-2020.

Areas for Borough Road Nursery School Development 2019-2020

(key priorities linked to Strategic and Post Ofsted Action Plan)

Leadership and Management

1.      To further develop a culture of leadership for creative change

2.      To ensure that effective safeguarding measures remain a priority

3.      To increase financial stability and sustainability of our schools

Quality of Education

4.      To embed training and skills to ensure all staff follow the same effective practice consistently to raise outcomes for all pupils in all areas of learning

5.      To ensure that there is a consistent, coherent and sequenced approach to the teaching of reading and writing which will meet the needs and starting points of all children enabling all children to make at least good progress from their starting points towards end of year expectations

Behaviour and Attitudes

6.      To empower children to be independent, resilient and confident learners who take ownership of their own welfare and school environment

Personal Development

7.      To continue to develop mental health and wellbeing awareness across our community (children, families, staff)