George Dent Nursery


Mark Making


When out for a walk or in the garden or park collect some leaves and wildflowers. Let your child use them to make marks either on some paper or material. You could use an old pillowcase. It works better if the material is stretched and taped down.

Save wrapping paper from birthdays or special days, cut it up into different sized pieces for your child to mark make on.

Wrapping paper often has interesting shapes, colours, patterns and lines to notice and talk about. This is a good opportunity to use some mathematical language.

This is a firm favourite at nursery; painting with water. Use real decorating brushes or whatever you have, even old make up brushes! Then all you need is a bucket of water! This is great for all children but especially if your child does not enjoy sitting at a table to draw.

It’s important that children are comfortable when they are making marks and for some children that means lying down to do it. If you’ve got the end of a roll of wallpaper, then lay it down on the floor or outside if you have space.

 Your child can then use crayons, pens or pencils and enjoy the space!